We are West Hills

Our Philosophy

Now more than ever, it is crucial to teach our children to respect people of various sizes, abilities, ethnicities and ages. When children respect themselves and others, they feel good about who they are. When children learn to value people who are different from themselves, they are better prepared to live peacefully in a diverse world.​

Because children learn during everyday moments, it is important that those around them remain aware of what we say and do. Children can learn that people are more alike than different, and that all people (no matter what color, size, ability or age) want love, joy and security. It all depends on the messages they’re hearing and behaviors they’re observing.

At West Hills we model respect in our everyday interactions, so that our children learn to value all people.


West Hills is committed to ensuring academic and social growth through unique and effective programs for children, teens, and young adults all over Long Island.

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