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Why West Hills?

West Hills is the Premier Name in…

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Providing campers with a safe and friendly environment in which they can step outside their comfort zones and try things that may scare them.

We set kids up to succeed independently- building the confidence necessary to take on all of life’s challenges.

Too many children miss out on so much of life because of a fear of trying something new. Our programs are designed to bring out the courage in children and show them the rewards for pressing on even when they are afraid.

A child’s mind is a sponge, waiting and eager to learn. We make sure to teach campers all types of useful skills to help navigate through life independently and with confidence.

First time parents always boast about how much more mature their child is after camp is over. The social skills we teach allow children to learn how to properly socialize with peers, mentors and adults and make friends and connections that last a lifetime.

American Red Cross Swim Instructors teach campers how to swim in 7 professional sized heated pools. Family swim days and camper competitions turn first-time swimmers into olympic stars!

Studies show: a break from learning (like during the summer) can have negative effects on a child’s learning progress. Campers at West Hills learn math, literacy, and reading skills while having fun in the process! Who said academics can’t be fun?

Camp isn’t just where kids come to make friends and learn new skills- it’s also a place where they find themselves. Camp is a unique environment: free of the peer pressures and cliques of public school and surrounded by loving and supportive role models, kids learn skills, interests, and talents that they may not have ever discovered about themselves.

We believe the mind and imagination of a child is incredible. We spark creativity in our campers, encouraging them to try something new and teaching them the power to create wonderful things that they all have locked inside them. It is through this that most campers find passions that become life-long journeys and careers.

While they’ll always be our babies, one day they will be our future. Our program is designed to guide a child’s growth from all the way from curious toddler to responsible leader. Campers that finish our programs end up as counselors or staff members, or go on to lead groups and organizations in their colleges.

At West Hills, we treat our campers like our own children. We want them to be the best versions of themselves and to succeed, so we put a strong emphasis on teaching them independence. West Hills Campers enter the next stage of life filled with confidence, self-awareness, determination, and the skills to independently get ahead.

We believe that as individuals we are special, but together we are unstoppable. Campers learn very early how much farther they can go when they work together with others. Whether its team competitions, adventure games, preparing a meal for the other campers, or learning how to be a counselor and work within a professional team, West Hills campers are taught to work together towards goals and to be proud of the work their team has accomplished after every day.

A Few of our Favorite Activities

Seven heated pools, giant waterslides, family pool nights, and much more. Splash into summer.

Soccer, Baseball, Football, Hockey, and much much more. Friendly competition and teamwork build the foundation upon which children grow.

Overcome your fears and learn to navigate through life’s challenges. Whether it’s conquering Mt. Everest or braving the Bungee Jump, campers learn to set a goal and tackle them before camp ends.

Led by remarkable artists, New York State educators, aspiring teachers, and other individuals who have true passion for inspiring children through art.

Lights, camera, action! Every camper is a star at West Hills’ Theatre Program. From fun dances to a real show directed by a broadway actor, our Theatre program is top of the line! Learn coordination, team work, and confidence all while showing off your sweet moves!

It’s just not a camp without a lake. Wildlife, plants, animals, and fish are just a few of the natural sights your child sees and learns about.

…and so much more to discover!

What’s New?

Whether you’re an original West Hills camper-turned-parent, or your child is a first-generation West Hills camper, there’s always something new to discover!

Because we listened …

Leadership Training Program

I’m sure you already know about our great CIT program, which trains campers to be counselors. This program goes much farther than the CIT program and prepares campers to be future leaders– whether it’s learning to manage others, how to write a resume/interview, or various other job/life skills.

Healthier, Smarter Food Options

We don’t need to convince parents of how important eating healthy is. The challenge most parents face is how to convince their children of that! This year at West Hills Day Camp, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to pull teeth to get your kids eating healthy. You’ll love that the food is so healthy, they’ll love it because it’s good!

Improved Commitment to Communication

While we already make sure to keep families involved in our daily operations, we’ve committed this year to go above and beyond expectations when communicating with families. Rest easy knowing that when new things are going on at West Hills, you’ll be the first to know!

West Hills Fall Festival!

Come and Enjoy Our Free Activites

Saturday, October 27th

11:00am – 3:00pm

  • Hay Rides
  • Trick or Treating
  • Haunted Houses
  • Camp Games
  • Carnival Rides
  • Food/Beverages
  • Bounces & Slides
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Face Painting

21 Sweet Hollow Road
Huntington, NY 11743

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